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You Are The Hero Of Your Life

Puzzled and confused about life? Then You are the Hero of your Life is just the book for you! It is the latest personal development book to transform your life!
The book explains that there is a Hero in each one of us waiting to be unleashed. Unfortunately, we expect other people to discover the Hero within us. This is the reason we look for validation and approval.

Also, many of us have drifted away from our inner core because of various distractions. The author strives to make the readers get close to their inner self and unlock their true potential.

The book includes several tips and strategies to help readers change the quality of their lives.

This self-help book focuses on aspects such as self love and happiness to empower the self. It also discusses the major deterrents and how to overcome them in the path of success. The book makes the complex process of self-transformation seem simple and exciting.

You are the Hero of your Life is written in simple language and the narrative is fast paced.

Become the Hero to save the world because the world needs Heroes like you!

What They’re Saying

The book is divided into 6 sections, starting from what values do we consider to be in a hero to becoming our own heroes ourselves. Each chapter has beautiful quotes that help us reach into ourselves and understand things more clearly and ends with the key takeaways that we have learnt from that chapter.
If you are interested in self help books, or are struggling with your place in your life this is the book for you!

SaraGreat Philosophy in Simple Words!

I really enjoyed reading this book. You are the Hero of Your Life helped me realize the importance of understanding my strengths to improve the quality of my life. This book has a feel-good factor and gives a feeling that anyone can become a Hero. Highly recommended!

Sourb kumarEye opener on simple gestures in life

A truly inspiring and motivating read, another great book by Kanika Saxena!


A wonderfully calming and reassuring book that alleviates some of the anxieties of this day and age.

TanishaLucid, insightful, and helpful!