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The ideal Gift for Christmas!

We are at the end of 2021! The festivities are here and it is time for gifting!

Why not start the season by gifting yourself a Smile?

Smiling and Happiness makes our lives more beautiful and make us healthy and boost our immunity!

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Share Smiles with your Friends and Family by gifting them Gift Yourself a Smile!-The ideal Gift for the Festive Season!


Gift Yourself a Smile is a simple book that conveys a very important message. Kanika Saxena has emphasized on the significance of a smile and importance of happiness. She has explained why we do not require anything substantial in life to smile and be happy.

Ishan ChillikatilGreat Philosophy in Simple Words!

The title is quite intriguing " Gift yourself a smile" reading the title I immediately decided to own the book. The author asks a very important question on why do we need a reason to smile? Quite thought provoking isn't it? That's just the beginning the author takes you on a journey to realize why smilinis important. Actually I have read many articles on that but none convinced me as beautifully as her book did! It was an informative journey I would say. There's a particular line in the book which I loved
" We don't have time to exchange real smile with friends and family "
How true this statement is it made me realize many things. I would consider this book as the best Christmas gift I probably gave to myself! It's a best read and sometimes it's better that we pamper ourselves with such wonderful books! That's my opinion being an ardent book reader!

Kiruthiga Shankar KumarThe best book which made me realize why smiling is actually necessary!

Smiling is a very simple thing or so we think. But as the Author points out, its not something we all do regularly. And the effects of smiling are miraculous which she also points out. This book without being heavy tends to be philosophical and asks us to enjoy simple pleasures in life and keep smiling which is not good only for the heart but also for our health!

Shobha K.Eye opener on simple gestures in life