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You Are The Hero Of Your Life

This book emphasizes the need for self-empowerment to enhance the quality of life and relationships.

Social Media Tomfoolery

The book discusses the ill effects of excessive use of social media and how to regulate it for a better social media experience.

Are Teeny Tiny Stress Triggers Troubling You?

A book that aims at helping readers minimize stress in their lives. The book explains how some lifestyle patterns trigger stress.

The Atypical Tale Of A Typical Indian Woman

A book on women’s empowerment with a twist. It focuses on self-empowerment instead of looking at external sources to empower.

Gift Yourself A Smile

A quick and breezy read that conveys a deep philosophy in simple words. The book emphasizes the importance of smiling and happiness.

A Lockdown Story

Set in India during the early lockdowns in 2020, this book relates the author’s personal lockdown experience. This book is a positive take on the lockdown.

Kanika Saxena

An Authorpreneur An Award Winning Author & Founder and CEO of the content marketing company –  The Writing Right. An incurable optimist who excels in converting adversity into opportunity!