Kanika Saxena empowers people to transform their approach to life with books, blogs, and personalized life-coaching.

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Kanika Saxena is an Author, CEO, and Certified Life Coach based in India.

She holds degrees in Engineering & Management and has a passion for writing. Her passion for writing motivated her to start her own content writing company The Writing Right which creates content in different formats on technical and non-technical topics for global clients.

Kanika embarked on her journey as an author in 2020 when she published her first book A Lockdown Story. After that, there was no turning back as she went on to publish several books in the self-help genre. Soon her passion became her purpose and she wrote books and blogs to help readers enhance the quality of their lives.

Kanika Saxena is an Author, CEO, and Certified Life Coach based in India.

To further her efforts to help people transform their lives, Kanika became a certified Life Coach and launched her coaching package Recharge Your Life with Kanika Saxena. This package empowers people to discover their inner strengths and enhance the quality of their lives.

Life has not exactly been a bed of roses for Kanika. She has had her struggles and managed them successfully. She has leveraged her experiences to evolve into a strong and confident personality.

Kanika has worked in different roles in her career. She has also had the opportunity to visit over 20 countries. Her experience and interactions with people of different ethnicities enable her to understand the different aspects of human personality.

On the personal front, Kanika is a doting mother of two children who excel in their fields and a loving wife who has supported her husband through thick and thin in his career. She derives her strength from the unconditional love of her parents.

Kanika lives her life to the fullest. She enjoys gardening, designing her clothes, spending time with friends and family, singing, and more.

Kanika believes in playing her part to protect the environment. She consciously follows the 3 Rs-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. She practices minimalistic living and manages her life with minimal resources.

Kanika has won several awards and accolades in her journey. Some of the notable ones are:

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