Kanika Saxena

Awarded Dynamic Personality 2021!

Winner of NaNoWriMo Challenge, Author & Content Strategist, Diamond Author on Ezinearticles!

An engineer, a content creator, an author, a mother, a wife, a daughter., an entrepreneur …. And most importantly A Learner! And, it is the last role that has made my life amazing!

What I do?

Create and Strategize content on technical & non-technical topics for global clients!

Write short self-help books in simple language that make life easy and beautiful! My books talk about the current problems that most people face with simple solutions for them. These solutions come from personal experience and words of wisdom from people around and those of some great achievers.

indian novel writers

"Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home."

gift yourself a smile by kanika saxena

Gift Yourself a Smile!

She felt she was not accepted easily wherever she went. She wondered why? She wondered if it was because she was not attractive or lacked something? She looked with envy...

Are Teeny Tiny Stress Triggers Troubling You

Are Teeny Tiny Stress Triggers Troubling You?

We generally associate stress with some catastrophic happening. Little do we realize
that certain habits that we have picked up in life actually trigger stress...

the atypical tale of a typical indian woman

The Atypical Tale of a Typical Indian Woman

This book strives to make women look at themselves differently!
It urges women to recognize their inner strengths and appreciate themselves for what they are...

A Lockdown story Kanika Saxena

A Lockdown Story!

Living a lockdown life is tough! No parties, no picnics, no beaches, and of course no salons! All this can be quite depressing to deal with, not to mention staying 24/7 with family...

Your Words...

I have received a lot of love and beautiful words from readers like you and I am very greatful!

Book Spotlight


“Are Teeny Tiny Stress Triggers Troubling You?”

“I am stressed” is a line you will hear from many people around you!

We have come to accept stress as an integral part of our lives. So much so that we say that “stress is normal!”

Unfortunately, stress can ruin us completely because it impacts our physical and mental faculties.

“Are Teeny Tiny Stress Triggers Troubling You?” is a self-help book that helps readers identify their specific stress triggers and how to address them. I have explained some of the triggers, such as “peer pressure”, “striving for perfection”, “social media stress”, etc., in detail and suggested ways of addressing these triggers. The book has a scratch pad in the last few pages where the readers can list down their specific stress triggers, and strategies to manage them.

The main idea behind writing this book is to help readers manage the tiny stress triggers that have become a part of their lives. If we address our daily stress triggers, we will empower ourselves to face the tough challenges we face in life.

The book is a light and easy read while it has the power to transform lives!

“Are Teeny Tiny Stress Triggers Troubling You?” is featured in LitFest 2021 by NEX8.


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