Kanika Saxena

Self-help books that focus on self-empowerment and personal development.

Kanika writes nonfiction, self-help books that focus on all aspects of personal development. She started her journey as an author when she published her first book A Lockdown Story in June 2020. This book reflects the beginning of her journey of self-discovery. After this book, Kanika continued her pursuit of understanding the self and using her strengths effectively. The next few books are relevant to her journey. She has published books on topics such as Happiness, Stress Management, Women’s empowerment, Regulation of social media usage, Self-empowerment, etc. The central theme of all her books is taking responsibility for one’s life and choosing the right responses.

She shares these thoughts in a written format in her books & blogs; in spoken word through her vlogs on YouTube; and she empowers her clients directly through Recharge your Life with Kanika Saxena.