Here's What I Have Written

All my books are written in simple language and have a conversational tone that engages the readers. Most books include quotes relevant to the narrative. These books are relevant because they focus on the issues that we face and find hard to cope with. The readers are prompted to become aware of the problems and I have suggested simple techniques to resolve these issues. All the books have a central theme of taking personal responsibility to transform one’s life. These books have the potential to transform lives!

You are the Hero of Your Life

This book emphasizes the need for self-empowerment to enhance the quality of life and relationships. In this book, I have discussed what it takes to be a real-life hero and how we can become the hero we admire. I have explained different aspects of personal development to empower the self. The crux of the book is that an empowered individual is better equipped to take care of others and the planet. In this book, I have included simple self-empowerment tips that are easy to implement.

Social Media Tomfoolery

A much-needed book in current times when social media has become such a powerful force. The book discusses the ill effects of excessive use of social media and how to regulate it for a better social media experience. This book focuses on how we have allowed social media to overpower us, and we have become mere puppets in the hands of social media. I have included key takeaways at the end of each chapter that summarizes the content of the chapter. I have provided a checklist, in the last few pages that help readers succeed in social media management.

Are Teeny Tiny Stress Triggers Troubling You?

A book that aims at helping readers minimize stress in their lives. The book explains how some lifestyle patterns trigger stress. I have discussed some common stress triggers that we face. The book guides readers to identify stress triggers that impact their lives and address them. I have included a scratch-paid in the last few pages where readers can list down their stress triggers and solutions for them.

Gift Yourself a Smile

A quick and breezy read that conveys a deep philosophy in simple words. The book emphasizes the importance of smiling and happiness. I have explained how staying positive during trying times is the best way to deal with the situation. The purpose behind writing this book is to spread happiness and positivity in a world where people are finding it hard to deal with adverse circumstances.

A Lockdown Story

Set in India during the early lockdowns in 2020, this book relates the author’s personal lockdown experience. This book is a positive take on the lockdown. It is a story of how I overcame my fears and anxieties to emerge a more positive and confident individual. The book has been impactful and has inspired readers to look at the positives of lockdown on their lives. The book helps alleviate the readers from gloom and despair during the tough times.

The Atypical Tale of a Typical Indian Woman

A book on women’s empowerment with a twist. It focuses on self-empowerment instead of looking at external sources to empower. The crux of the book is that only a woman empowered from within can confidently face the world. I believe that Women’s empowerment begins at home. According to me, women can be change-makers in society because they raise the future generation.