Self Love is Not Selfish

Self Love is Not Selfish

Life coaches and motivational speakers preach self-love. Most people like to listen to them speaking about self-love. People are also too excited by motivational quotes on self-love and don’t waste any time sharing them! So, there is a lot of information about self-love floating around. We have heard it all and like to hear it! […]

How Reading Self-Help Books can Transform your Approach to Life?

Book Reading

Do you often feel overwhelmed with work or drained out by the end of the day? This is probably because you are stressed out in trying to manage too many things in too little time! I know life can be challenging at times but there is a solution for every problem! I found relief and […]

Simple Living & High Thinking

Enjoy the Little Things

Our late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastriji gave us the mantra “Simple Living and High Thinking!” Today we have reached a stage when living has become complicated and thinking has become confused! Simple living is a lifestyle where you choose to live with fewer material possessions and focus on other aspects of life such as […]

Stress is Not Normal! Here’s How To Prevent It.

fighting stress

“I am so stressed!”  Life is stressful! Stress is Normal! These are some phrases used in everyday conversations! We are a generation that has accepted stress as a normal part of life. But is stress “normal?” What is Stress? Let’s go back to physics where we first came across the word, stress. The definition of […]

Sleep Deprived? There is More to it than Meets the Eye!

Sleep Deprived

Are you one of those who struggle to get sound sleep? You will be surprised to know that you are not alone! Insufficient sleep is one of the most common maladies of modern-day living! There are several reasons for it. And, the pandemic has only added to the long list of reasons. Data reveals that […]