Today as all of us watch news channels with bated breath for statistics of Corona cases and with a fervent hope that the next time we switch on our TV sets we will hear some good news, we realize the futility of so many things that we stressed about.


Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago when we were worked up about, “Oh I am so dark!” “I am fat!” “I am thin!”I am not rich enough!”, “I am depressed!” and of course the oft-repeated, “Why me?”, so on and so forth.


Then suddenly, out of the blue Corona enters our world! And, we are totally stumped!


We realize that our wealth, beauty, worldly possessions, nothing has the power to bail us out! And, whatever strata in society we belong to, does not matter anymore. Because Corona does not care about caste, creed, religion, ethnicity, race! It treats us all equally!


Corona has made us realize that we as human beings are all equal when catastrophe strikes!


Why is this happening? Is this nature’s way of getting back at us? Nature had been giving us indications in more ways than one (tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.) that it needed our attention. And, we had to do something drastic and fast for our planet. But we were so preoccupied with running the rat race that we ignored these warnings. So, finally, nature decided enough was enough and decided to improve things for itself.


In our greed to reach greater levels in life, we forgot that we actually did not own the planet but we were only shareholders. We were not supposed to focus only on our lives and comforts but we were required to look around and see if our cohabitants on the planet were comfortable or not. Whether our flora and fauna had the required space, food, water, etc. or we were hogging up everything available on earth?


Well! What has been done cannot be undone! And, there is no point stressing over that now!


I am sure given the current circumstances, nature will heal itself to some extent at least!


But Corona has also taught us some very important lessons:


Don’t take life for granted! Today, it is time to express gratitude for each day you wake up alive and healthy.


Life is precious. Don’t waste it on trying to satisfy your lust for material things. These things will not be of any use at your time of need!


Then what will?


It is your family, friends, and relationships! And, of course, your physical, mental, and emotional health.


This is the time to spend quality time with your family in the safe haven of your home(of course following the necessary precautions).


Catch up with your friends on the phone!


It is an opportunity to spend some “me time!” Introspect! Get to know yourself better!


Time to do things which you couldn’t earlier due to lack of time-


Exercise, Meditate, Slow down the pace of your life!


It is more relevant, now more than ever, to realize that it is not the destination that matters but the journey!


Pause from the breakneck speed of life and enjoy the little things in life!


Time to count your blessings, be grateful for what you have!


Time to unite with everyone across the globe because we are all in it together!


I know that we are living in turbulent times, it is difficult to be calm. But we can strengthen ourselves mentally by reinforcing ourselves with positive thoughts!


Of course, many of you might feel that how can positive thinking change our situation? The answer is that the crux of spirituality is, “We have the power to change our destiny with our thoughts!” Imagine the power of millions of positive thoughts across the globe? That is surely a strong force to reckon with!


Whether you believe in it or not, it is definitely worth a try! And, let me share one more thing with you- If not anything else, a conscious effort in changing the thought process will lift a lot of burden off your shoulders. You will feel lighter, more confident, cheerful, and face problems with a fresh perspective! Worth a Try!