Don’t we spend a lot of time cribbing about things we “have” to do and how much we don’t like doing them?


We feel frustrated with the tasks we are assigned and wish we were doing something better!


What is something better?

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Well! If you are performing a certain role in your organization, you may wish that you could do better-Maybe a better position or maybe a different job role!


For instance, a technically qualified individual working as a digital marketer may feel that he should have been working as a website developer. This thought could be because he believes that he could earn more in that role or he could do justice to his technical background. On the other hand, a website developer in the same organization may get this feeling that he should have been a digital marketer for other reasons!


Many a time we are not satisfied with our existing roles because when we look at the lives of our peers we believe that they have it better!-Do They?


This feeling of restlessness and dissatisfaction is most common among housewives because they believe that they are doing nothing much with their lives. This is especially predominant in those women who are well-qualified and could not pursue a career or those who had worked for some time and then had to give up.


But it is not just housewives or youngsters in the corporate, the feeling of not being happy with what one is doing and wanting to do something else is a mindset that disturbs a large population globally.


And, add to that, we have a host of motivational videos telling us to find our “passion.” We are told that when we find our true passion, we will find meaning in life and our lives will become worthwhile!


As a result, we spend a lot of time thinking, discussing with friends, visiting mentors/coaches with the hope that we might discover our passion and our lives will dramatically change!


It’s not that this does not work, many people who have found their passion have been extremely successful and achieved a lot. But they are very few and they stand out as great achievers. People like Leonardo-da-Vinci, or maybe Steve Jobs, etc.


But what about the rest of us?


Are we supposed to lead dull monotonous lives because we do not know what our passions are?


The answer is NO!


I can say this from my personal experience of life. You do not need to find something you like to do just to make your life meaningful!


But what you do need to do is, “Like what you do!” Instead of focusing on the thought, “what am I doing? I was meant for better things” just focus on the thing you are doing and give it your 100%!

Well! You will be surprised at the results you get if you took your existing role seriously and gave it your 100%!


Let me start with my favorite example of the housewife because I have been one for 20 years and this role is so deeply ingrained in me that today even when I work full-time, I am a housewife at heart!


Most housewives think of their lives as dull and drab especially now during the pandemic when they cannot even interact with their friends.


Housewives need to realize that they have a major role to play in shaping society. She has the power to change society.




This is because as a woman she is a creator of a new life. And, as a housewife, she has the power to offer society a well-balanced and strong human being who can contribute directly to society. This is a very powerful role of a housewife. If she gives it her 100% she can create wonders! And, the satisfaction she will get when her child grows up to be a sensible and balanced human being cannot be compared with any job role or earning!


Today, the world could do with more housewives who are committed to raising good human beings with values instead of those running behind money and power!


This is just one example of what one can achieve when one gives 100% to whatever they are doing. I have noticed in the current generation, Gen Z, there is a growing restlessness. Young professionals are generally dissatisfied with their jobs and are frequently switching jobs because they are looking for something that they like, “their passion!”


But, unfortunately, their passion eludes them and their search goes on! Most of the time this search for passion is motivated by money! They are looking for jobs that will increase their pay packets!


What happens in the process is that they are not stable in any job. This disturbs their minds which impacts their performance in their current role. And, when they realize that their performance is below par, their belief that this is not their passion is strengthened.


This is where I believe a major shift in perspective is required-We need to change our mindset!


Even if we think we are not at the right place doing the right thing, we need to give it our 100%. We need to be present and focus on what we are doing.


Well! your efficiency and productivity at your job will increase multifold! You will feel the results yourself! Your organization will be happy with you and you will get the returns!


When you focus on what you are doing and do it with interest instead of treating it like a burden you are carrying, you will enjoy your work and not get overwhelmed!


Having a positive attitude towards your work can transform you completely! It will make you a better and happier person and improve your relationships. On the other hand, if you are one of those who is constantly cribbing about his work and thinking of better options, it will reflect in your overall personality. You will be a disgruntled human being, not a very pleasant person to say the least. Besides, your output at work will not exactly be great!


I will explain with a real-life example-example of my life!


I have worked in diverse roles during my lifetime and somehow I have done fairly well at whatever I did only because I was focused on my work, my role and committed 100% to it.


I started my career as a lecturer in an Engineering college. This was not my choice because I always wanted to work in the corporate sector, but this is what I got! So, I tried my best, studying in the library and preparing for lectures, etc. I was happy with what I was doing but I did not lose track. I kept trying for a corporate job and my efforts in preparing for lectures paid off as I performed very well in Public sector entrance tests for jobs.


I soon landed a job in SAIL. The Steel Plant job meant working on the shop floor-this was not what I liked! But I did it! Soon I was able to find placement in MECON, a consultancy based on my Steel Plant experience. I did well there and was happy with my job. Then I was transferred to another city because the project I was working on was over. By then I was married and I could not move, so I started looking for other jobs in the city. I was fortunate to get placed in Forbes Marshall, a company that manufactures industrial instruments. I was in the marketing office. I loved my job because it was a dynamic role and exciting.