With self-discipline most anything is possible.”- Theodore Roosevelt


All of us seek success! Although success means different things to different people! For some of us being successful is, generating wealth for ourselves, for some others, it is getting fame, etc. etc. But success eludes most people for some reason!

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Success is a result of many things, hard work, persistence, and Self-discipline!


Most of us recognize hard work as an important ingredient but somehow self-discipline is not considered an important factor for success. But is it the missing link? Think about it!


If you read about any of the rich and famous or successful people, one of the common factors for their success has been leading a disciplined life.


A disciplined life gives you good health, an active mind and these contribute to your success!


What is self-discipline?


The Collins dictionary defines self-discipline as the ability to control yourself and to make yourself work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone to tell you what to do.


Self-discipline in simple terms can be understood as willpower or determination.


If you have to be successful, you have to be determined, in other words, self-discipline.


Here are some tips for leading a disciplined life that will attract success:


Waking up early


It is said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” We have all heard this but not many of us believe in it.


With flexible working hours becoming a norm, the youngsters of today have kicked this theory out of the window!


Staying up for late hours in the night has become a norm among students and the working class. Of course, they cannot be blamed entirely. In most cases, it is because they need to work with international clients in a different time zone. Hence, it cannot be avoided. But whenever and wherever possible, one should try to maintain a regulated lifestyle where you wake up early in the morning.


It has been scientifically proven that the brain is at its creative best early in the morning! It comes as no surprise that most great people have stated that waking up early was a habit with them.





You may think that I am stating all often repeated things that are too boring! But the fact remains that it is these small lifestyle changes that can make a huge impact on how you respond to challenges and transform your lives.


Although exercising early in the morning is the ideal practice. But if your schedule is such that it is not possible, you can hit the gym at any time during the day that is convenient. But try as far as possible to stick to the same timing daily.


Exercising helps keep diseases at bay and keeps your mind alert. You will be able to focus on your tasks better with better results.


Eating Healthy


We get so engrossed in working towards our goals that our health and fitness take a back seat. But it is a must to avoid junk food and eat healthily. This will make your brain sharp and active and help you perform better.


Set Goals


Set goals for your life. Establish what you want to achieve and when. Setting goals helps give direction to your life.


Establish a Daily Routine


Once you have set the goals of your life, break down those goals into tiny bits that can be completed on a daily basis. Decide what you want to accomplish each day and decide your routine each day based on the tasks you wish to accomplish.


Measure your Output


At the end of each day, check how many of the tasks for the day you have been able to accomplish. Set your objectives for the next day based on how much you have covered the previous day.


By slowly and consistently working towards your goals, you will be soon on your path to success!