Our experience of the past year has shaken us and made us reassess several aspects of our lives. We have spent a major part of the year waiting, watching, and hoping that things would go back to “normal” as we know it!


Well! The truth is that it is over one year since the pandemic made its appearance. And, we are still waiting and hoping!

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The good news is that the vaccine is here. But how long it will take for each one to be vaccinated and for things to get back to normal is again, something, that cannot be predicted.


We are puzzled by questions like:


How long do we wait?


Will normalcy ever return?


So, what do we do?


While questions like “how long” have no specific answers, the other two can be sort of gauged!


All those who have been following the guidelines issued by the WHO like wearing masks, following social distancing, washing hands, disinfecting stuff bought from outside, etc. will by now have got accustomed to these practices.


So, our traditional “normal” has already changed! We are now adopting habits that we never had. What this implies is that we are now following a more hygienic way of living. And, after we are vaccinated, these are going to hold us in good stead in our future!


Another transformation that has taken place is working from home, and online education. Initially, most people were finding it hard to follow these norms, but now it seems to have become a pattern.


Many students now prefer online education and professionals who like working from home! However, personal interaction is a very important part of growth and it should not be given up totally.


Probably in the new normal, we would have hybrid patterns which would be a blend of online and offline education/working.


Remote working, online education, and virtual events are going to be an important part of the new normal. These are beneficial as they reduce the need to commute, thereby cutting down on fuel consumption, besides reducing pollution, etc. Overall probably a cleaner, greener planet! We want that, don’t we?


Many of us have now realized the worthlessness of accumulating so much stuff, whether it is clothes, home decor stuff, or anything. Hopefully, this will cut down mindless consumerism and help the planet by reducing waste and minimizing the need to manufacture more! All this will definitely give the earth the much-needed breather!



All this goes on to say that the “normal” that we will experience will not quite be the “normal” we are accustomed to!


This is probably the “epoch” change that astrologers, etc. have been talking about! A change when we adopt a new way of living!


While we believe that we are waiting, little do we realize that the new “normal” is here and we are a part of it! We need to congratulate ourselves that we have made it successfully into the new world!


So, now we need to align ourselves with the new normal.


Some basic qualities that will help us in the new normal are:


Becoming proactive:


While several people are wilting under fear and becoming vulnerable to mental health issues, many have done for themselves during the pandemic. The people who have done well are those who have been proactive.


It is people who did not wait on the sidelines for things to change. The proactive people are the change-makers. It is these people who have risen to the occasion and made most of the adverse circumstances.


For such people, the pandemic seemed to have become insignificant as they focused on things that mattered to them. It could be building relationships, developing new skills, or honing existing talents.


I myself, have gained a lot during 2020. It would not be out of place for me to say that it has easily been the best year of my life. I  have started writing self-help books, and this experience has transformed several perspectives on life by reading and writing on topics like stress, happiness, etc.


The best way to survive adversity is by being proactive and taking control of yourself. Other things will automatically fall in place.




Resilience is essentially how we respond and adapt to adversity, change, loss, etc. It is whether we make or break ourselves when we face such circumstances.


Resilience in no way implies that we do not experience emotional distress or pain. When something unfortunate occurs in life, we experience the pain, but how much we suffer because of the pain is in our hands!


We could succumb to it or evolve stronger with the experience. Resilience is all about working through emotional trauma.


Resilience arises from basic traits such as flexibility, adaptability, and perseverance. It is these traits that help us change our thought patterns and behaviors and adapt to our circumstances.


While these qualities will empower us for our future, we also need to ensure that our foundation is strong in terms of our finances, health, and relationships.


In a nutshell, “normal” is here! Stop waiting and thinking about you will do! Take action and do what you have to-Now! Be the change-maker instead of waiting for the change!