The lockdown imposed in several countries due to the pandemic has brought life to a standstill! It has impacted different people in different ways.

Many are finding it difficult to cope with the new lifestyle of staying indoors without having an opportunity to interact with others or indulging in activities such as watching movies, shopping, etc. Then some have lost their jobs or are facing difficulties in their business due to the lockdown. Some of the worst affected are poor sections of society.

Well! The circumstances do paint a very gloomy picture and this is probably the reason for widespread depression and cases of suicide across the globe.

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There is no denying that times are tough. But when the “Going gets tough, the tough get tougher!”

It is time to believe that difficult times don’t last forever. We, humans, have faced several difficulties in the past and have emerged successful every time. Although it looks like this is the worst crisis we have ever faced, we need to focus our attention on the silver lining in the dark clouds. At present, the silver lining is the fact that New Zealand is free of COVID 19 today! It gives us hope that if one country can do it, surely we can also do it.

So, instead of getting frustrated and depressed, we need to channelize our energies for self-development so that we emerge stronger after the crisis.

Here are a few tips for how you can utilize the lockdown period fruitfully:

Live in the Moment

We waste a major portion of our lives in amassing wealth at the cost of our health, happiness, and relationships. We believe that we are doing this to secure our future. There is no harm in saving for the future- but the question is how much? No one knows how much will be sufficient for a comfortable future but we keep on working hard towards an uncertain future while completely ignoring the present in front of us.

This pandemic is the time to reflect on our priorities and realize that the future is most unpredictable and it is impossible to make our future safe in all aspects. Today, we are amid the worst pandemic, the most unprecedented future, there is no way that we could have prepared for it!

It is important to understand that the only way to live is by “living in the moment!” We need to enjoy every moment of our present and make it meaningful-the future will automatically take care of itself.

Spend Quality Time with Family

Think of the time before the pandemic, when you were simply rushing and had no time to spend with the family?

The lockdown has given you time for the family! Although you may find it difficult because you are not used to spending so much time with your family members, you need to understand the worth of this time and invest it in bonding with your loved ones.

Follow a Routine

During the lockdown, many of us believe that it is time to take life easy and we do not want to follow a disciplined life. But, the fact remains that when we do not spend the day in a regulated manner, we do more harm to ourselves than good. This is because, when we do not follow a routine, time seems to be slipping away and we always fall short of time and feel miserable by the end of the day! Therefore, you must plan your day such that you can accomplish a lot of things during the day. This will reduce your stress levels and make you feel more in control of yourself.

Importance of Dressing up

When we are at home, we try to take it easy by not taking a shower regularly and spending the day in our nightclothes. Although this may feel comfortable for a few days, it can make you feel dull and depressed over some time.

There is a lot of stress on personal hygiene during the current crisis. We need to wash our hands frequently, sanitize our things, etc. Since personal hygiene is an important factor, it is important to take bath regularly and equally important to wear fresh clothes. You will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Mind your Eating

Spending the entire day at home makes one indulge in eating excessively. This makes us unhealthy and obese. During the lockdown, you need to take care to ensure that you follow a regulated lifestyle so that you are healthy and better equipped to face the pandemic.


Those of us who are used to going to the gym find it difficult to exercise and this has adverse effects on our health. It is important to understand that maintaining good health during the pandemic is the best way to equip yourself to face the pandemic.

You can try simple exercises such as skipping/jogging on the spot to keep your body fit. You can also try Yoga, Pranayama to boost your immunity.

Keep yourself Hydrated

Make sure that you consume plenty of liquids and water to keep your body healthy.


The lockdown period is the best time to develop new skills. The internet is full of different online courses that you can choose so that when the crisis is over, you emerge with new skills so that you can take on new and better jobs!

These are some suggestions for spending your lockdown period so that you benefit from it. It is important to remember, that to face the pandemic, “The most powerful warriors are Patience and Time!”– Leo Tolstoy, War, and Peace.

I have gained a lot from the lockdown period and grown as a person. I have shared my lockdown experience in my book, “A Lockdown Story! This book is my personal journey of inner transformation that I embarked upon during the lockdown.