COVID 19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives in more ways than one! While it is responsible for widespread deaths around the globe, it has not spared the economies of all the affected countries.

People all across the world are waiting with bated breath for the discovery of the vaccine and wondering if things will go back to normal after COVID-19?

As far as the vaccine is concerned, with scientists all over the world bring their best, we are sure to have it sooner or later. After all we humans have faced several types of crises in the past and always emerged victorious.

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But how long this will take is anyone’s guess!

Now coming to the question if things will go back to normal ever again?

I believe the concept of normal will undergo a major overhaul by the time the vaccine is discovered.

Although no one is is in a position to predict what the future holds, certain trends that have emerged during the pandemic give some idea of what we can expect in times to come.

Let us look at the new normal that awaits us:


Digitalization had been spreading its wings over the years, but during and post-pandemic, digitalization will take centerstage impacting almost all facets of our lives. Most businesses will be carried out in the digital domain.

Remote Working

Many organizations have opted for the remote working model for their employees during the lockdown. This trend is likely to continue in most sectors.

Remote working offers businesses the flexibility to employ the best of talents across the globe. By choosing a remote working model, employers need not spend on office space, infrastructure facilities, etc. leading to major savings that can be passed on to the employees.

As far as the employees are concerned, they save time and money spent on commuting to their workplace. They also have time to spend with their families.

On the flip side, many employers and employees are not very happy with the remote working concept.

If we look from the perspective of the employers- they find it difficult to track how many hours their employees have been working.

On the other hand, the employees feel that they are working all the time, unlike the limited hours they would put in when they reported to the office. Also, interacting with colleagues who were a vital part of working is lacking. Besides, spending all the time with the family can get to be quite difficult.

These issues need to be addressed to streamline the work-from-home model.

But, remote working is here to stay!


Online shopping had become quite popular among buyers. However, post COVID-19, the E-commerce sector will experience a boom simply because shoppers will be hesitant to visit the brick and mortar stores and will prefer to order online. The number of online stores is likely to increase.

Virtual Classes

We are already watching most institutes offering online courses. This is a welcome trend especially for students and working professionals who find it difficult to spare time to attend physical classes. They also have the option to choose courses from the best universities across the globe.

Changes in Habits

Ever since the pandemic has started, we have been asked to wear masks, follow social distancing, sanitize, wash hands frequently, etc. Most of us have been following all these recommendations. Over some time, we are bound to get habituated to these habits and they will become a part of our everyday lives. This implies that our overall habits will become more hygienic and we will be able to avoid several bacteria and viruses in the future.

Impact on Nature

We are all witness to the impact that lockdowns in countries across the globe have had on nature. Animals and birds are now traversing streets in several cities fearlessly. We have also heard reports of dolphins, whales, etc. in many oceans and seas. This pandemic has offered nature the much-needed opportunity for healing itself.

With fewer vehicles on the roads, pollution levels in most cities have dropped. This again is good for the health of our planet.

If the remote working model continues even after the pandemic, we will be able to control the pollution levels. This is a big deal!

Undoubtedly humans are responsible for the environmental destruction, the pandemic has shown us how we can try to resurrect the health of our planet.

Things are definitely going to change after COVID 19. The new normal will be quite different from what we are accustomed to.

But, isn’t “Change” the only constant in the world?

We have changed our lives in different ways in the past. The only difference is that earlier these changes were what we had planned and they were according to our scheme of things while this time we have no option but to change. And, the cause of the change is an unpleasant one!

What is in our hands?

First and foremost we need to take care of our health and that of people around us. The fact is that number of cases across the globe is still increasing at an alarming rate. We mustn’t become callous at this stage. We need to keep following the recommendations of WHO.

Many people have lost jobs and many whose businesses have suffered. Although it is hard to accept such setbacks, unfortunately, this is the reality. And, the only way ahead in life is by accepting reality and taking measures to empower ourselves to overcome such setbacks.

There is a ray of hope at such times! You can convert adversity into opportunity by trying to upskill yourself. Fortunately, several institutes are offering different types of courses. This is your chance to choose a course that has potential in the future and pursue a certification in it. This will boost your confidence and help you get employed by employers across the world. As we move into a digital world in the future, courses in web development, web design, digital marketing, content marketing, virtual coaching, etc. seem promising.

Those who are considering the option of a start-up, e-commerce store, food delivery businesses, etc. seem to hold a good future. With most of the world banning Chinese apps, App development is another avenue for techies.

This is the time for one to invest in the self. Since you are isolated from others, this is a golden opportunity for you to cut the outside noise and focus on yourself, work on your weaknesses, and empower yourself.

The lockdown has provided all of us an opportunity to spend time with our families. Most of us are finding this a little difficult to manage. Instead of getting impatient and disagreeing on everything, this is the time to try to understand the other person’s point of view. It is important to realize the worth of your family. This is the time to strengthen bonds and build strong relationships.

There is no denying that times are tough! But the only way to face tough situations is by getting tougher!

Empower yourself for the changed world that awaits you!