Self Love is Not Selfish

Self Love is Not Selfish

Life coaches and motivational speakers preach self-love. Most people like to listen to them speaking about self-love. People are also too excited by motivational quotes on self-love and don’t waste any time sharing them! So, there is a lot of information about self-love floating around. We have heard it all and like to hear it! […]

Some Quotes to Motivate You!


Happiness Quotes Staying happy reduces stress and directly impacts our physical and emotional well-being. The best part about happiness is that it is under our control. We are responsible for our happiness. It does not depend on anyone or anything. Check out these happiness quotes and stay happy! ——————————————————————————— “Are you sure that you will […]

Minding your Own Business: Why it is Important?

We use the phrase “mind your own business” casually when we want to dismiss someone. This is one way of asking others not to interfere with our lives. However, do we mind our own business ourselves? Before we get into that, we must know what our business is. Simply put our business is things that […]