Happiness Quotes

Staying happy reduces stress and directly impacts our physical and emotional well-being. The best part about happiness is that it is under our control. We are responsible for our happiness. It does not depend on anyone or anything. Check out these happiness quotes and stay happy!



“Are you sure that you will be happy with what you have tomorrow if you are not happy with what you have today?”

“Chasing happiness is like chasing a butterfly. The more you chase, the farther it gets. When you give up the chase, on your soul it rests.”

“Do the things that make you happy, instead of waiting for others to do them for you.”

“Happiness is not an outcome of what you have! It is about what you are!”

“It’s not others, but we are responsible for our own happiness!”

“It will be so easy to be happy if we spend some of our time building ourselves instead of building our wealth!”

“Nothing beats the ecstasy experienced when your hard work brings the results you desired.”

“Smiling is contagious! Try it!”

“The structure of happiness is built on the foundation of contentment.”

“There is no path to happiness. The path itself is Happiness.”

“We believe that our material possessions will give us the happiness we crave. We are so busy chasing them that we have no time left to do things that will make us happy!”

“We crave the company of others because we believe that they will make us happy!”

“When we postpone our happiness for the time when something great happens in our lives, we are missing out on the little, joyful moments in life.”

“You don’t have to be perfect to be happy!”

“Your Happiness is not an outcome of the things you possess but, the quality of thoughts you create”

“Your happiness is independent of how your world functions!”


Inspirational Quotes

Some quotes inspire and motivate us to improve the quality of our lives. We like to share these quotes with our friends and family. But these quotes have the power to transform lives if practiced in real life. Read these inspirational quotes and make a positive change in your life!


“A strong tree attracts creepers.!”

“Accumulating more never did anyone any good!”

“Acknowledging a problem is the first step towards finding its solution.”

“An Attitude of Gratitude helps Shift your mindset from Lack to Abundance! When you feel Abundant, You give from your heart, And make a Difference!”

“Assess your worth based on what you are instead of what you have!”

“Awakening is often the aftermath of suffering!”

“Change your Perspective, Change your World!”

“Chasing material possessions is a never-ending pursuit.”

“Don’t just count your blessings, make your blessings count!”

“Facing a Roadblock? Try another Route!”

“In our strife for a perfect life, we often miss out on the little joys”

“It is said, Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder! How do you behold yourself?”

“Not every battle is worth winning! Stop stressing over trivial issues and prepare yourself for wars.”

“Nothing or No one is worth losing your peace of mind over.”

“People often seek perfection in others without realizing their own imperfections.”

“The Fruit of Gratitude is an Abundant Life!”

“The human mind creates more than 50,000 thoughts a day! Why not train the mind to create positive ones?”

“The lesser you have, the easier your life becomes!”

“The only thing constant in this world is Change”

“True liberation is when you quit being a people pleaser and try to please yourself instead!”

“Trying to change others is a futile exercise, try changing yourself!”

“When adversity strikes, remember you have the power to control how you react and act.”

“When beauty reflects the purity of the soul, it is everlasting.!”

“What others think of you is their business, not yours!”

“You are truly liberated when words and opinions of others do not affect you!”

”Your physical health has a lot to do with your mental well-being! Remember to take care of your mind!”

“Your story is what you tell your mind!”

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