A heartfelt smile makes the person in front of your smile back at you! But unfortunately in today’s world smiles are only limited to emojis. We are happy to share smiley emoticons in WhatsApp messages and we think our job is done!

While emoticons convey our feelings quite explicitly, they do not touch the soul of the recipient. It is only when we make eye contact and smile at the person in front of us that the magic of the smile is felt!

Reasons to Gift Yourself a Smile

Another thing about smiling is that many people in the world wear fake smiles on their faces. Although this smile may not have come from the heart or maybe hiding inner pain, it is still a smile! And, it has an impact!

A fake smile also makes the individual look cheerful. Often it helps them forget about their worries, although temporarily. But even if for a little while a smile cheers them up, it is worth it! Simply because it releases a lot of stress the individual might have been carrying. It refreshes them and sometimes may help them look at their situation from a different perspective!

Smiling is a reflection of a happy/blissful state of mind. Unfortunately, we have made happiness a complex concept. Some of the beliefs associated with happiness are that happiness is a goal we are pursuing. We associate happiness with achievements, material possessions, money, perfection, etc., etc. We have become people who feel we have no reason to smile. After all, we are not genuinely happy because we may not possess certain things we desire or be the “perfect” version of ourselves.

As a result, we postpone our happiness believing that we will be happy when we have certain things in life or are a certain someone in life. And, then we will have reason to smile!

A genuine smile or laugh has become so rare that when we see someone smiling or laughing with gay abandon we tend to judge them. We either say that this person has everything going for him/her and so he/she is smiling or we may point a finger at the individual and say that something is so terribly wrong in their life and how could they be laughing?

Unfortunately treating happiness as a goal and making it a destination messes up our lives because we become so focused on the pursuit of our happiness that we miss out on the little joys of life!

Let me quote a simple example, suppose you believe that you will be happy when you buy a certain house that you have been eyeing for some time. You will work hard to earn for it and save up for buying it and finally you buy it. Then are you happy? Of course, you are! You own your dream home and it is the fruit of your labor! But how long does this happiness last? You will find that the euphoria of this achievement and new possession lasts only for a few days, maybe a month, not more!

So, one can conclude that acquiring stuff or achievements can only give us fleeting happiness! Something that does not last!

This raises the question, “Is it possible to be happy always?”

Everlasting happiness is not a far-fetched concept but as I have said earlier that it is very difficult to find people who are genuinely happy most of the time!

But it is not impossible!

Happiness is not our ultimate destination, but is a part of our journey! And, this is the reason you need to Gift Yourself a Smile!

Gift Yourself a Smile is a book about smiling and happiness and it discusses what it takes/does not take to be happy!

It is a quick and easy read! The perfect book to start smiling!

This festive season why not Smile and spread smiles around with the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones!

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