Self Love is Not Selfish

Self Love is Not Selfish

Life coaches and motivational speakers preach self-love. Most people like to listen to them speaking about self-love. People are also too excited by motivational quotes on self-love and don’t waste any time sharing them! So, there is a lot of information about self-love floating around. We have heard it all and like to hear it! […]

How Reading Self-Help Books can Transform your Approach to Life?

Book Reading

Do you often feel overwhelmed with work or drained out by the end of the day? This is probably because you are stressed out in trying to manage too many things in too little time! I know life can be challenging at times but there is a solution for every problem! I found relief and […]

Greed Vs Need—-Where do you Stand?

Greed Vs Need—-Where do you Stand? “I want a BMW!” “I want a Louis Vuitton Bag!” “I must have the latest iPhone!” “I want to have the perfect body!” “I want everyone to like me!” These are some of the thoughts that many people have! When we see something good, we want to possess it. […]

Some Quotes to Motivate You!


Happiness Quotes Staying happy reduces stress and directly impacts our physical and emotional well-being. The best part about happiness is that it is under our control. We are responsible for our happiness. It does not depend on anyone or anything. Check out these happiness quotes and stay happy! ——————————————————————————— “Are you sure that you will […]

Minding your Own Business: Why it is Important?

We use the phrase “mind your own business” casually when we want to dismiss someone. This is one way of asking others not to interfere with our lives. However, do we mind our own business ourselves? Before we get into that, we must know what our business is. Simply put our business is things that […]

The Damage Caused by Over-Parenting


Parenting is a tough job because there is no manual for parenting. Besides there are no standard rules and regulations for raising kids because each child is unique. When a couple has their first baby, they are at a loss because they don’t know how to handle the baby. They are afraid that they should […]

Simple Living & High Thinking

Enjoy the Little Things

Our late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastriji gave us the mantra “Simple Living and High Thinking!” Today we have reached a stage when living has become complicated and thinking has become confused! Simple living is a lifestyle where you choose to live with fewer material possessions and focus on other aspects of life such as […]

How Women Can Be Change-makers in Society?


We often blame society for wrong things, like the traditional belief systems, thought processes, etc. Little do we realize that we are a part of society and each one of us has a vital role to place in how society shapes us. As members of society, the onus is on us to adapt to the […]

How To Get Started With Your First Book?

First Book

In the previous newsletter, I had explained what you need to do to complete your manuscript. So, if you are willing to commit to everything required to complete your book, it is time to get started! Here’s how! Choosing your Genre: Books are Classified into two Genres: • Fiction: These are books that tell a […]