Each one of us has our notion of life. We shape our life based on our goals, priorities, experiences, values, and belief systems.

What is life for you?

A challenge?





These are some common perspectives on what life is about!

Beliefs such as these have an impact on the quality of our lives. For instance, someone who finds life exciting and beautiful will look forward to each day and be happy. On the other hand, someone for whom life is challenging will generally be worried and stressed.

Life- Purpose, Goals, Achievements

Although there is no right or wrong in how one leads his life, it is often the latter category of people that wants a beautiful and exciting life.

Why does life become complicated?

Simply because we complicate it!

We have made life all about achievements, goals, status, perfection, possessions, money, etc. Our thoughts and energies are focused on achieving these.

While these things are vital to give direction to our lives, they should not become a cause of stress.

Our goals become a cause for stress only because we obsess over them! We prioritize them over everything else. And they take control of our minds!

Let us look at some of these aspects of life:

Money: Money is needed for a comfortable life. But how much? First of all, money is required to fulfill our basic needs of food, shelter, clothing. However, at different stages of our lives, we perform different roles and interact with several people so, we need things beyond our basic needs. So, then how much more?

When it comes to money, no one can recommend to another how much is sufficient. It is entirely up to the individual.

As you fashion your life around an objective of amassing wealth, take a moment to think from time to time-

Based on the answers to these questions, you can tweak your goals and ease your life.

Achievements: These may be reaching a certain level in one’s career or securing certain grades for a student, etc. They are important! But to what extent?

Let’s take the example of a student wanting to secure certain grades in an examination. There are cases that students get highly stressed while preparing for these goals. Unfortunately, their stress and anxiety have adverse effects on their performance in the exam defeating the whole purpose of their preparation.

Therefore, whenever you set a goal for yourself, keep a check on its impact on other aspects of your life. And, whether it is worth it?

We need to look at life in its entirety. Life is not only about money, achievements, material possessions, etc. Several other aspects of life need to be considered, such as our physical and emotional health, our relationships, etc.

All that you need to do to “uncomplicate” your life is-

Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing?

How is this impact other aspects of your life?

Work on ways to strike a balance!

It could be a simple change in your routine or maybe working on your time-management, or maybe prioritizing your tasks differently, spending more time with people who matter, etc.!

You may not need to make any drastic changes, it might be subtle tweaks in your everyday life to lead you to a happier life!

Get started today!

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