The year 2020 was expected to usher in an era of disruptive technologies that would change the course of our lives, but it turned out to be the year of the pandemic. It brought in circumstances that bewildered us, and we were out of ideas on how to cope!

We spend a lot of time and thought about planning for our future. We envision different conditions and try to make all those investments that will make our future comfortable.

But 2020 has given a glimpse of a “future”, that we could never have imagined or prepared for!

What is the way ahead?

Agile Living

We can only move ahead in life if we learn from our experiences. And, 2020 has taught us several lessons that force us to rethink our priorities in life and alter our approach.

One of the most important lessons learnt, is the importance of being “Agile!” Agile is a term we have heard most often in a project management scenario.

In software development, Agile is defined as “software development methodologies focused on iterative development in which the requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.”

Let me explain agile in simple language. 

An agile approach to problem-solving is one that works continually on altering the solution to a problem according to the changes in external factors that affect it. The approach changes each time there is a change in the external circumstances. 

Another vital aspect of Agile is the collaboration of teams. 

Let us now apply Agility in real-life,

We plan our lives and do all those things to achieve our goals. But then there are unforeseen circumstances, for instance, the pandemic of 2020. 

At such times we need to be “agile” to make the necessary alterations in our way of living to cope with such uncertainties. 

Also, to successfully adapt to our circumstances, we need “teamwork”. In other words, we need people and relationships to work collaboratively.

Simply put, an Agile approach to life is one in which an individual develops a flexible mindset that is open to change. 

Of course, the situations can be unnerving, but he should have the resilience to approach them in a balanced way. And, relationships become of paramount importance at such times.

How can we adopt Agility in life?

To adopt an agile approach to life, we first need to set our “house in order” and then it becomes easier to face our circumstances.

Here’s a list of critical focus areas that require attention to empower ourselves to face challenging circumstances:


2020 has brought to focus on the importance of being healthy and having good immunity. Health should become a primary focus area. It is time that we took our health seriously. 

We also need to recheck our eating habits and include those ingredients in the food that make us healthy and boost immunity.


We are all aware of the vital role that money plays in our lives. While our income is an important aspect, our savings play an equally important role in our lives.

It is your savings that finally help you in adverse circumstances. So, make sure that you develop a habit of setting aside a sum for monthly savings.


Humans are social animals. So, people and relationships are vital aspects of our lives. 

We interact with numerous people during the course of our lives. But not all relationships are important in life. 

If you focus on too many relationships, you will be lost in transactions and will be unable to come to terms with yourself. 

So, you need to identify those relationships that matter and focus on building them. 

Also, understand that relationships require your time and attention. So, nurture those relationships that matter so that you are peaceful.

Now coming to how these aspects play a vital role when you face difficult circumstances:

Whenever something untoward happens in your life, having sufficient savings takes away a lot of burden from your head because one major aspect is taken care of.

If you are physically fit and not worrying too much, then your immunity is better. So, you can cope with your situation better. It is easier to face challenging circumstances when you don’t have to bother about health issues.

Whenever you face a tough situation, it is always better to have a collaborative approach to problem-solving. This is where your relationships come into play. 

If you have done your homework and nurtured people who matter, you can easily adapt to your circumstances while working with your team(people who matter)! 

Teamwork is vital when you are trying to cope with your circumstances because the approach of each individual in the team impacts the lives of others.

Also, when facing adverse situations, it is always better to have the emotional support of people who matter. You feel better equipped to face challenges if you are not alone!

This is the simplest way to cope with the toughest of situations in life. This is an Agile approach to life because you respond to changes in your circumstances in collaboration with your team after assessing the problem.

You also need to understand that the only thing constant in life is “Change!” And, the only way to cope with change is by adapting your approach to life accordingly! Agility is nothing but making alterations(iterations) in life, to respond to those changes and go ahead in life!

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