5 Reasons to Gift Yourself a Smile!

Reasons to Gift Yourself a Smile

A heartfelt smile makes the person in front of your smile back at you! But unfortunately in today’s world smiles are only limited to emojis. We are happy to share smiley emoticons in WhatsApp messages and we think our job is done! While emoticons convey our feelings quite explicitly, they do not touch the soul […]

Stress is Not Normal! Here’s How To Prevent It.

fighting stress

“I am so stressed!”  Life is stressful! Stress is Normal! These are some phrases used in everyday conversations! We are a generation that has accepted stress as a normal part of life. But is stress “normal?” What is Stress? Let’s go back to physics where we first came across the word, stress. The definition of […]

Life- Purpose, Goals, Achievements?

Life- Purpose, Goals, Achievements

Each one of us has our notion of life. We shape our life based on our goals, priorities, experiences, values, and belief systems. What is life for you? A challenge? Complicated? Beautiful? Fun? Exciting……….! These are some common perspectives on what life is about! Beliefs such as these have an impact on the quality of […]